Rainbow Arcade

In the age of modern home recording, there are infinite possibilities and seemingly endless time to realize them. Sometimes this is a blessing, but often, our freedom from limitation is a curse. Limitation breeds results and creative thinking.

Rainbow Arcade is a compilation of three-hour recording sessions organized and produced by Hays Holladay at Iguazu Sound in Arlington, Virginia. Each artist was faced with the challenge of capturing all the elements necessary to communicate their song in three hours. Artists were free to experiment with all the tools and techniques that are emblematic of modern recording during their three-hour recording period. How each artist approached their session varies wildly, but what is common to all of them is a spirit of excitement and creative liberation.

Special thanks to Chuck Soo-Hoo, Sam Raymond, Chad Clark, Doug Akridge and all the artists who brought this project to life.

  1. More Humans - Magga
  2. Omie Weyse - More and More to Show
  3. Wytold - Summersaults
  4. Laughing Man - Brilliant Colors
  5. Jeremy Teter/Thomas Wyre - When I Come Back To Life/A Happy Death
  6. Sara Curtin (The Sweater Set) - A Little Again
  7. Imperial China - John Starks
  8. Greenland - Sphinges On The Lawn
  9. Rivals - Glaze
  10. Margot MacDonald - Call
  11. Bella Russia - Nocturne In Blue and Gold
  12. Ryan Holladay - Untitled
  13. Maureen Andary (The Sweater Set) - Fun and Games Are Done
  14. Teen Liver - If My Baby